Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tips for Choosing a Digital Camera

Tips for Choosing a Digital Camera
Before You Arrive in Stores
Here are some things to consider before you arrive at the store to buy a digital camera:

Ask your friend recommendation
Nowadays, most people have a digital camera. Try to collect information and references from friends, relatives or family members. Ask them what are the advantages and disadvantages of their cameras to determine the brands and types of cameras.

Determine the type of camera lens
What is more often the object you want to photograph, determine the type of camera. For example, if your object is a natural landscape, the wide range of lenses with more precise.

Specify the resolution of the camera
If you are happy to print your pictures, then the size of prints you want will determine the resolution of the camera that you will buy. If the print is the size of a postcard (postcard), then a camera with a resolution of 1 megapixels is enough. But if you want to print up to A3 size or larger, choose a camera with a higher megapixel, eg 4 megapixels, 6 megapixels, or even 10 megapixels.

Determine the size of the camera
Currently, either a pocket or a pocket camera and a professional camera (eg SLR), has a variety of sizes and shapes. Choose the most convenient and comfortable your handheld.

Learn digital camera terms
Learn the various terms in the specification of a digital camera. You can compare a variety of camera excellence by studying the various terms in the specification of the camera.

For various terms on digital cameras, please see the following link: Recognize term in Digital Camera.

Determine budget
Decide on a budget that you will spend to buy a camera. Once you've set, berpautlah on the budget and do not be tempted by the more expensive types of cameras.

Determine connectivity
Determine that you purchased the camera can be connected to a variety of other electronic devices. For example, you need to make sure that the image data you want to see on a computer or displayed on television that has a USB connection.

When You Arrive in Stores
Here are some things to consider when you have arrived at the store to buy a digital camera:

Adjust the level of expertise
Buy a camera that suits your skill level. A common mistake many novice photographers to buy a camera that is too expensive and a great ability. Pocket camera or pocket camera and semi-professional cameras is enough if you are a novice photographer. Once your skills grow, you want to buy a new camera higher and expensive.

Try different brands and types
Try some camera models are available to suit you've set and most suitable for your needs.
Try on a variety of light intensity
Try the camera in various lighting levels. Search for the best results.

Compare prices
Make price comparisons based on camera specifications and the results of your test. Write down the brand and model of the camera. If possible, you can search the Internet for some price comparison brands and types of cameras that you select. Look for stores with the best prices but have a good after-sales service.

Make sure the warranty and after-sales service
Check the warranty before you buy the camera, and wondering how the after-sales service are entitled to get.

Some Common Mistakes when Buying a Camera
Here are some things that a common mistake when people buy a digital camera:

Not learned the term digital cameras
You do not learn the jargon or terms that are common in the technical specifications of a camera. By taking the time to learn the jargon term or a digital camera, such as resolution, lenses, focus, zoom, megapixels, and others, you will have a much better idea about the camera that you will buy. The clerk at the store also will be easier to help you find the right camera.

For various terms on digital cameras, please see the following link: Recognize term in Digital Camera

Focusing on the Wrong Specifications
Someone wanted to buy a camera with a resolution of 10 megapixels, but the difference with a resolution of 8.5 megapixels is not too far, especially for novice photographers. Another example, the ability to zoom the camera. Do not be fooled by the high zoom capability, but it is not the digital zoom and optical zoom that the results are much better. Do not spiked in number, but make sure first and you better try and see the results instantly.

Waste of money
Some photographers novice to waste money to buy the expensive camera, but just to take a picture with a technique that can be performed entirely by a pocket camera.
Buy brand is not well known
Camera with famous brands usually have gone through a series of trials. While the brand is not well known, it does offer a camera with a low price, but the results are far from satisfactory. Try to always buy the brand is already well known.

Not try before you buy
Another mistake, you buy based on a brochure or written technical specifications only. And if you try it first, you can see your shot. Additionally, you can choose a camera that fits your hand, so that all buttons easily accessible by your fingers and easy to operate.

Now you had better be ready to have a digital camera.


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