Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to Stop Smoking

How to Stop Smoking
The number of smokers in Indonesia actually has even increased from year to year. It is certainly surprising because campaigns about the dangers of smoking have become more frequent in cigarette prices stimulate and was also more expensive. But there are also positive things that happened, the number of active smokers who intend to quit also increased. Many reasons are put forward smokers when asked why they want to quit smoking. One of the most classic reason of course is because awareness of the dangers of tobacco or cigarettes. Then others say because the price of cigarettes more expensive, the reason the family and work demands.

But all certainly know that quitting smoking is not as easy as imagined. Often people who have stopped smoking for a few weeks or months back into active smokers. It is certainly not out of the addictive properties of tobacco. According to some experts, quitting smoking is not as difficult as imagined. They say that a person's basic intention to quit smoking is strong supported by good management. Here are some tips to quit smoking quoted from various sources:

- Stop total. To quit, smokers do not need to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked each day. Stopped immediately can instantly eliminate the feeling of wanting to smoke.

Avoid for the environment while smokers. When it can be stopped, so it's good for a while to avoid association with the smokers that smoking is not the feeling to come back again.

- Tell your friends, relatives or others that you've quit smoking. Ask for support to them so that you do not get back to smoking and address the reasons why you want to quit.

- Every time you feel like smoking to come, you should switch to something useful such as mild exercise or fill the time with work. It can make you forget to smoke.

- Consultation to pulmonary specialist can provide more motivation to quit smoking.

- Create a plan to buy something with the money that you would normally use to buy cigarettes. Make a goal to buy something in a few weeks or months ahead. Then allocate money each day equivalent to the value of the money you spend on cigarettes.

- Meet hypnotherapist. This has become one of the most popular today because it is believed to remove the suggestion would hypnotherapist cigarettes.

It should also be known that smoking cessation by replacing with snacks or sweets is not effective. Snacks are usually quite high in fat that it will give you another problem, namely obesity and other health problems. While many sugary sweets, it will be able to boost your blood sugar levels.


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