Saturday, November 2, 2013

Things to consider when you buy bed covers

Bedcovers are a great addition to any home. They infuse colour and style to the bedroom and also insulate the bed it warm in cold winter. But the best thing about them is that they keep the bed sheets from getting soiled and dirty every second day, making your laundry much easier and also increasing the life of your expensive sheets. A bedspread is perhaps best described as a middle ground between a blanket and a duvet. It is characterised by its duvet type weaves and padded material but functions much like a blanket, providing an extra layer of warmth when the weather turns chilly while covering your bed sheets during the day.

The first thing to consider when you buy bed covers is the size. It is important to accurately measure your bed so that you can choose the correct size from the extensive range of bed covers online. Some people like to have their bedspread cascade down the sides of their bed to create a flowy look. While this works beautifully in larger rooms, avoid doing this in small structured rooms where the extra puddle of fabric will only make the room look cluttered. To get this style right, choose from light fabrics like silk bed covers and choose a slightly larger sized bedspread to the measurement of you bed. This will ensure that luxurious look of fabric elegantly flowing down the sides of your bed. However , if you have picked cotton bed covers, it is best to tuck all the sides inside the mattress for a structured look. Some people also like to buy designer bed covers that come with tassels on two sides that hang out and these can be great for rooms with a traditional decor. These bedspreads come in cotton, brocade and silks and look quite mesmerizing; their rich vibrant colours and the grand style making even a simple room look regal. The weight of your bedspread will ensure that it remains in position even if you select a larger sized fabric. This is why some people prefer only quilted bed covers that have an inner padding to further reinforce the shape.

Next, think of the colour, pattern and texture and how it impacts the room. When looking at the range of bed covers online, choose that that complement your beautiful bedding. However , it is also quite popular to have a strong plain coloured bedspread to pull together colours from a floral or patterned bed sheet with the matching pillows used over the bedcover for a style statement. Additionally , if you have accessorized the bed with lots of extra pillows and cushions, plain solid colour cotton bed covers in the same colour palette will look best, keeping the bed from looking too excessively over the top. Bedspreads are often considered to be the perfect complementary product to your bed linen set; therefore , it is important to buy bed covers that are just perfect in colour and design to create a balanced look. Lastly, think of the laundering and care. Cotton bed covers are easy to wash at home and iron too but with silk bed covers or quilted bed covers, you might need to get a dry clean only.

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